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service dog Dyson


Red White and Blue K9 Services provide K9 Detection Teams for Narcotics, Explosives, Currency search recovery, to government, Local Townships, Religious Institutions, Educational Facility’s, School Districts, Event Promoters, Parents, Municipalities, Businesses Of All Types And Sizes, Substance Abuse/Treatment Facilities, Correctional/Detention Facility’s, Shipping ports of entry, Stadiums and Community Sporting Events. Our teams are capable of sniffing all-size vehicles, all types of parcels, school lockers, storage facilities, and building sweeps. Through our commitment to excellence we have time and again exceeded the industry standards in training, certification, and protection.

Our dual-purpose canine can be used for executive protection and is trained in detection work, tracking, and protection. 

Other services offered are pet services- One on one obedience, board and train, behavior modification.

service dog Dyson

Explosives Detection

Today’s global climate requires we take all necessary precautions to prevent acts of domestic and international terrorism.


Explosive detection K9 (canines) are known worldwide for their accuracy and dependability. RED, WHITE & BLUE K9 s dedicated to deploying only the very best Canines and Handlers. RED, WHITE & BLUE K9realizes that anything less has the potential to result in loss of assets, cause injury, or even loss of human life. 


Narcotics and Currency

The area of narcotics detection includes but is not limited to; drug treatment facilities, private residences, and vehicles, commercial establishments, and schools both private and public, as well as public and private venues and functions such as concerts, fundraisers, and political events.

Providing a drug/narcotic-free workplace is, therefore, crucial.  Conducting K9 Narcotic searches at your place of business reduces your liability and demonstrates due diligence that you are proactive in maintaining a drug-free work environment. We recommend that periodic searches be done at random dates and times without notification to employees.

service dog Dyson
service dog Dyson


We can provide you with professionally trained and experienced decoys for your training needs. We specialize in operational decoy work, with a nod to traditional sporting helpers, we take training to the next level. We believe in “train like you fight”, and regardless of the purpose of the dog, we go the distance to make it realistic and prepare your canine to work when it counts the most.

service dog Dyson

Executive Protection

Our executive protection K-9 teams complement the client's personal security details by way of command presence and protection of the detail and principal. This service better serves the principle by allowing the canine team to deter the threat while the personal security detail can focus on the principle. This service may also benefit couriers who publicly transport high-value commodities.  Our K9’s can complete

K9 Sales

Demonstration of Dual-Purpose K9 Max who is trained in apprehension, detection, and tracking.


Dogs For Sale are top-quality working dogs for law enforcement, military, security, and other working dog applications. Our dog's breeds include Belgian Malinois, German Shepherds, Dutch Shepherds, Labrador Retrievers, and other sport breeds. Our dogs may be sold green or trained.

Each of our dogs are personally tested, medically evaluated to ensure workability. Our process of obtaining dogs has provided our clients highly reliable and healthy dogs.

If you are looking for a high drive, healthy green dog or trained working dog for your K9 Unit or protection needs you have don't have to look any further. Our competitive pricing and training methods make our dogs incredibly valuable.


service dog Dyson


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Our obedience training is offered to dogs of all ages. Basic obedience such as sit, down, stay, come, walk on a leash, and heeling. Additional obedience tasks that can be trained teach the dogs to retrieve and release objects, speak, and wait.

Hourly In-Home Training Sessions

One Hour Session $100.00

Foundational Puppy Obedience

17 Day Board and Train $1850.00

Basic Board and Train Obedience

17 Day Board and Train $2500.00

*PA Sales Tax not included*


Helping America's Heroes Serve Again

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