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About Us

Red, White & Blue K9 (RWBK9) is a U.S. based K-9 services provider. We pride ourselves on our professional handlers and highly skilled explosive and drug detection K-9 teams. Our goal is to work collaboratively with clients and colleagues to create an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect while maintaining our commitment to our K-9 services’ continuous improvement.

Our K-9 Teams are trained and certified in the areas of

  • Narcotics Detection

  • Explosives Detection

  • Firearms (Singpurpose special request)

RWBK9 Teams are trained using best practice techniques and standards to maximize detection consistency and effectiveness. Once trained at our facilities, Teams are certified to the standards recognition and operational equivalent examinations.

All certifications are conducted with live explosives or drugs by an impartial, third-party certification authorities such as:

  • Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) standards

  • National Association For Canine Detection

  • National Odor Recognition Test (NORT)

  • National Narcotics Detector Dog (NNDD)

  • Association (NNDDA) North American

  • Police Work Dog Association (NAPWDA)

  • Association (USPCA)


A key factor to RWBK9’s success is our state-of-the-art, 13-acre full-service training facility with buildings dedicated to training. We have an indoor scent training house, and a separate open training room used for specialized course work like the tactical K9 emergency medical course. The training simulates real-world scenarios. The indoor training area includes vinyl, wood, tile, and carpet s. Through this training, the K9’s learn to work on various surfaces.  Other training areas include an agility course, vehicular  search area, open and wooded areas for tracking and apprehension work. We off site locations like self storage locations, schools, auto-auctions, fed-ex, parks, local colleges and stadiums to train for deployment scenarios.




Core Capabilities

RWBK9’ s core competency is in K-9 explosives and narcotics detection. To this end, we protect a wide variety of clients, including:

  • Public and private companies

  • Local and state governments who control ports of entry

  • Educational institutions

  • Community events

  • Religious institutions

  • Sports venues

Core Capabilities

  • Explosives Detection Dog Teams (EDDT)

  • Narcotics Detection Dog Teams (NDD)

  • Cargo Screening K9 (once we get our CCSF)

  • Public and private sporting events

  • Public and private entertainment events

  • Executive Protection-Providing sweeps and preventive presence

  • Cruise lines

  • Colleges, universities, and other educational campuses

  • Malls and shopping centers

  • Access & Point of Entry Control

  • Charter Schools

  • Air and ground shipping companies

  • Convention centers

  • K9 Training Facility (handler training, sustainment training)

  • K9 Team Certification by National Association For Canine Detection

Our K9 Teams can be incorporated into your existing Security or Protection Detail.  For deployment to schools, private businesses our searches will remain confidential. If a search result in a passive alert we will not physically search, come in contact, or dispose of any substance. It is at the discretion of the client to complete the search of the area of the alert and report the recovery if they chose to do so.

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The support of RWBK9’s experienced staff ensures successful initial delivery and ongoing training to support the highest value and lowest possible risk for K-9 Teams. This section is separated into four distinct categories to ensure that both K-9 and handler are provided with the requisite Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSA) to perform at consistently high levels of proficiency.

Our four training services include:

Initial K-9 and Handler Selection
K-9 Certification
K-9 Recertification
EDDT In-Service/Recurring Training

RWBK9 prides itself on maintaining the following:

  • General Liability E&O Insurance Policy $1M each occurrence $2M general aggregate

  • Workman’s compensation coverage for all personne

  • All personnel are employees of RWBK9, not independent contractors.

As prime contractor, RWBK9 will be the primary interface and full responsibility for contract deliverables and quality management. The RWBK9 Project Manager will be the central point of contact for all contract related issues and performance. The RWBK9 Contract Management Team will coordinate with required client guidelines to ensure that teams are properly trained, certified, and capable of meeting operational demands. Each site location will have a K9 Team Manager responsible for the performance and precision of the assigned teams. RWBK9 Teams are classified as NAICS 561612, Security Guards, and Patrol Services.



Why Choose us?



We constantly seek trainings that will enhance our staff to achieve higher levels to improve their knowledge skills and abilities in the field.


Many of our staff are disabled veterans and first responders that met physical and mental standards to work as K9 handler teams.


Having s K9 team on-site is a force multiplier because it enhances the capabilities of the facility and acts as a preventative presence.


Provide a service from strategy through implementation and ongoing support.


Provide an exceptional standard of security personnel.


Honesty, Reliability and Quality Service at a Reasonable Price




Whether you’re an organization in need of K-9 detection or a passionate supporter of our mission, we encourage you to connect with us to discover how you can help RWBK9.





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