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service dog Dyson
service dog Dyson

Founded on the principle of "Helping America's Heroes Serve Again," Red, White & Blue K9 is a Minority, Disabled Owned, K-9 detection services provider. Our mission is to supply professional Explosive, Narcotic, and Firearms K9 teams while supporting disabled veterans and first responders in their journey towards financial independence and a better quality of life.


o Screening K9 (CCSF-K9)
Certified Cargo Screening Facility
Explosives Detection Dog Teams (EDDT)

Narcotics Detection Dog Teams (NDD)

Firearms Detection Dog Teams Executive Protection
K9 Training Facility
Handler training, sustainment training

service dog Dyson

Commercial General Liability Insurance Policy$1M each occurrence
Workman’s compensation coverage for all personnel

Auto Policy
$5M combined single limit per occurrence

561612, 541690, 541990, 561210, 561990, 611519, 561621, 561790, 611699, 611710, 112990, 488119

PSC Codes
S206, 8820, U008, U009, U010, B546, H263, L063, M2AB, R430, U014

Our 13-acre training facility simulates real-world scenarios, offering varied surfaces and environments for K9 training. From an agility course to vehicular search areas, we ensure our teams are well-prepared for any scenario

Seminole County Sheriff’s Office | Seminole County, FL | Ongoing
Certified and trained deputies in K9 handling and operations, enhancing security services.

America Samoa Customs K9 Units | America Samoa | Ongoing
Trained and certified Customs K9 teams to enhance border security and detection capabilities. Sold three single-purpose K9s, including one with tracking capabilities, and certified agents for effective utilization.

Department of Homeland Security Office of Territorial and International | Ongoing Criminal Intelligence and Drug Enforcement. Training handlers teams and K9 sales for next two years   

service dog Dyson
service dog Dyson
service dog Dyson
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Duns Number 117710646


CAGE Code :8WE21

EIN 84-3864313

Why RWBK9 was founded

Brandon Holiday, CEO of Red, White & Blues K9 LLC created his company after being inspired by his service dog Dyson.  Dyson who was his first service dog gave him a second chance at life. Holiday was injured in the line of duty while serving as a Salisbury City Police Officer.  His injury led to complications and eventually the amputation of his left leg below the knee. 


Brandon’s service dog Dyson allowed him to see there was still hope for him to continue doing the work he was always honored to do and serve others. Dyson helped to change his outlook and then his life forever.  Brandon competed for Team USA, the US National Paracanoe (Sprint Kayak Team), and Won 9 National Titles, and a total of 14 medals. In 2020 he retired from the team and created Red, White & Blue K9 Services LLC.   RWBK9 was created to provide other disabled veterans and first responders like Brandon the ability to serve again, have a path to heal, and regain the quality of life and financial independence they thought lost after a life-changing event. 



Our Mission

To provide the best explosive and Illegal Drug K9 teams by hiring and training prior service members, injured military, and first responders who excel in the field of K9 Detection services.

We honor our disabled veterans and first responder by providing them a safe space, physically and emotionally,  to regain the quality of life and financial independence they thought they had lost after a life-changing event. We enable them to honor and serve their communities again with pride. 

How are we different?

We use state of the art systems which provide our client information in real time.  This key when response time is a critical factor.  

The key factor to RWBK9’s success is our Training simulates real-world scenarios. Indoor training includes vinyl, wood, tile, and carpet so that the dogs learn to work on various surfaces.


K-9 handlers and operations personnel continuously train. RWBK9 team training includes venues such as medical offices, parks, local community colleges, storage facilities warehouses, airports, and sports training facilities, and auto-auction facilities for long vehicle searches to simulate sporting events.

Who we are

Core Capabilities

  • Explosives Detection Dog Teams (EDDT)

  • Narcotics Detection Dog Teams (NDD)

  • Cargo Screening K9 (approved CCSF-K9)

  • Public and private sporting events

  • Public and private entertainment events

  • Executive Protection-Providing sweeps and preventive presence

  • Cruise lines

  • Colleges, universities, and other education campuses

  • Malls and shopping centers

  • Access & Point of Entry Control

  • Charter Schools

  • Agricultural Detection K9's

  • Air and ground shipping companies

  • Convention centers

  • K9 Training Facility (handler training, sustainment training)

  • K9 Team Certification by National Association For Canine Detection


Why Choose us?

service dog Dyson


We constantly seek trainings that will enhance our staff to achieve higher levels to improve their knowledge skills and abilities in the field.


Many of our staff are disabled veterans and first responders that met physical and mental standards to work as K9 handler teams.


Having s K9 team on-site is a force multiplier because it enhances the capabilities of the facility and acts as a preventative presence.


Provide a service from strategy through implementation and ongoing support.


Provide an exceptional standard of security personnel.


Honesty, Reliability and Quality Service at a Reasonable Price

Our Services


The support of RWBK9’s experienced staff ensures successful initial delivery and ongoing training to support the highest value and lowest possible risk for K-9 Teams. This section is separated into four distinct categories to ensure that both K-9 and handler are provided with the requisite Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSA) to perform at consistently high levels of proficiency.


service dog Dyson

The key to providing high performance and agile K-9 teams starts with the initial selection of the K-9. We have experience in selecting and matching K-9 teams to Scope of Work (SOW) requirements.


service dog Dyson

After completing the RWBK9 training course, K-9s are initially certified by successful completion of independent third-party testing from one of the following authorities:

EDDT In-Service / Recurring Training

service dog Dyson

The RWBK9 In-Service and Recurring Training Program extend throughout client contracts. Daily proficiency training reviews basic handling fundamentals like obedience for control and detection training. All training is recorded by the handler on a Daily Utilization and Training form that is reviewed by and discussed with the program manager. The purpose of this review and discussion is to assist in the development of an individualized training program for each K-9 Team.


service dog Dyson

Once certified, all K-9s must undergo the ADCA, USPCA, NAPWDA, and/or NNDDA Odor Recognition and Operational equivalent examinations on a recurring annual basis.


service dog Dyson

A full-time K-9 Team like RWBK9’s far outweighs contracting K-9 services. See how.

Full-time K-9 Team

  • Purchase of Canine

  • Vehicle & Maintenance Cost

  • Purchase of K9 Equipment

  • K9 Maintenance Costs

  • Handler Salary & Benefits

  • Explosives and Drugs for Training

  • Secures Storage for Explosives / Narcotics

  • Continued Training and Certifications Yearly

  • Insurance and Workman Compensation

Contract Services

  • Phone call

  • Contract services

  • Rate of services

Why hiring us is better?

Hiring our company shows that you understand that a disability does not limit the ability of the person. That regardless of injuries that have been sustained, motivated individuals have risen above perceived disabilities and overcome the physical and mental stereotypes to meet the requirements to perform the duties of a K-9 handler, trainer, and team member, keeping communities safe.


contact us
service dog Dyson


Whether you’re an organization in need of K-9 detection or a passionate supporter of our mission, we encourage you to connect with us to discover how you can help RWBK9.





service dog Dyson
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